St. Paul’s is finally ready to roll out our Hearing Loop System.  As we have been learning, large rooms with many hard surfaces like our church are not hearing friendly.  Even with the best sound system, reverberation and ambient noise are a huge problem for those with hearing loss and hearing aids.  Hearing loop systems in churches literally brings the homily straight to the ear of the listener via their hearing aid, or through a neck loop and earpiece.

       A hearing loop (also known as an induction loop) is a wireless device technology that works with telecoil hearing aids and all cochlear implants to produce clear sound without feedback or background noise. Consisting of only three parts, hearing loops create a magnetic field that is picked up by any t-coil equipped hearing aid and converted to audible sound. (Those without t-coils can use compatible earpieces/neck loops).  Essentially, a hearing loop system helps the hearing aid do its job!

Hearing loops and/or neck loops are now available from the rectory office.  There is no initial cost, but please bring your credit or debit card as there will be a $200.00 fee if the device is either lost, damaged, or not returned.