Pray The Rosary Live

Have you thought about praying the Rosary but just didn’t know how to get started? Perhaps you never understood what’s the big deal about praying the Rosary. Maybe you feel that repeating the same prayers over and over again seems such a bore. What if there was a way to gain a new appreciation of the Rosary and to deepen your relationship with the Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus? Help is at hand. A Facebook group, Pray the Rosary Live, has been formed by two new members of St. Paul’s Church, Pat and Bernie, the Rosary sisters. Along with four other leaders of the group, the Rosary is streamed nightly live at 8:00 pm EST on Facebook. Following the model set out in The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis De Montfort, the standard prayers are supplemented by readings about each mystery. The group leaders read from a variety of books designed to deepen our understanding of the power of the Rosary and increase our ability to meditate and focus our thoughts more deeply on the mysteries. If you want to increase your own spirituality and gain a deeper connection with our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus, please consider joining our Facebook group as we Pray the Rosary Live nightly at 8:00 pm EST.

Here is the link to join our group: